11th Annual West Virginia Small Farm Conference

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Farmers from across the state are meeting in Charleston for the 11th annual West Virginia Small Farm Conference. The annual event draws farmers, youth and industry together for an opportunity to learn and share new and innovative production and marketing techniques that translate into increased economic impact for the state’s blossoming agricultural community. The conference continues through Saturday.

Farmers’ Market fans will again have the opportunity for a wintertime fix and get to shop for fresh garden vegetables produced by state farmers. The Winter Blues Farmers Market will be held today from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m., organized by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. Farmers from all over the state will be gathered to sell their winter-hardy food, goods and products. This $2 event is open to the public, with proceeds being donated to local Charleston charity, Manna Meal.

State Agriculture Commissioner Walt Helmick has goals to increase the awareness of West Virginia agriculture throughout the state and in the United States. Helmick has been sharing his ideas with the farmers at the conference.

11th Annual West Virginia Small Farm Conference

Farmers and small business owners discuss the important role of Farmers' Markets in West Virginia from the 11th annual West Virginia Small Farm Conference in Charleston, WV.


The footage used to produce this video was shot by The Media Center and provided via satellite for free and unrestricted use to promote the event. Learn more about The Media Center's satellite news coverage.

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